Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sporadic Postings

 I know I've not been posting regularly. But it's summer and things are happening. I will be back to a more normal schedule in about three weeks. 

Next week I leave for EGA Seminar in Naples, Florida with some visiting time also with my Mom and step-dad. I'm not sure how much the internet situation has improved at my Mom's, but I should be able to post from hotel. 

Meanwhile, here's a photo of the fun thing I've been stitching. Oh, how I love that basket of apples. This is a Quaker design by Pamela Darney that was created for the Carolina Sampler Guild. I purchased the last kit of this design from Pam back in late 2009. And I decided of all the designs of hers that I have I wanted to do this one the most. I'm changing all the words on it and I'm not saying exactly what I'm doing. You'll see it as it happens. 

Last week I finished stitching my flamingo. Today I start the process of attaching it to the canvas tote. I don't know if you can see in this photo, but I added Naples, EGA, and the year to this piece. 

I'm using the new interface page here on blogger and there's so much white space it reminds of that blank piece of paper in my old electric typewriter that would mock when I sat down to write. I think I can get past it though!

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