Monday, October 31, 2011

Before I Read a Word Anywhere Else

Just got on the computer at 4:30 p.m. for the first time today - how unusual for me. 

Before I entertain myself reading other blogs, I'll just say that I've had a horrible time finding a fabric to back my little Quaker piece. I thought I had some possibilities in my fabric stash, but no. I went out looking yesterday and everything that I thought would work made the linen look gray and dingy. 

I was getting a bit miffed. How hard could this be?

Took another couple of places today before I found something that's sort of suitable at JoAnn's. 

I also finished stitching my new hardanger ornament yesterday. And started the finishing, but then got involved in my fabric search. Etc. 

So after doing some work tomorrow, I may get to finish both of them and have photos!

Meanwhile all I want to do is sit and stitch on my big Quaker piece. I'm totally addicted...

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