Sunday, October 30, 2011

Want to Attract New Young Stitchers?

Here's a topic that is creeping up frequently in guild discussions: 

How to Attract Young Stitchers.

It's very evident that our membership is aging. In my primary EGA chapter, I am one of the youngest - at 51! This just seems so wrong to me. 

But this isn't just about guild membership. As shops close and a certain amount of the needleworking population ages, the demand for products is reduced. As demand falls, manufactures have to take a hard look at whether to continue to produce. 

I am not saying that the industry as a whole has fallen on hard times. I'm saying that I don't want it to. 

And for that to happen we need more people taking up a needle and stitching. 

One way to attract the younger stitcher is ideas like this for embellishing phone cases:  weelittlestitches.

I followed some of the links on this post and found all sorts of interesting things. Now somewhere I already have Star Trek characters to cross stitch. Where did I put those?


Anonymous said...

I am a young EGA & ANG member however I do not attend meetings because the women are sooo hateful!

C in DC said...

I'd never even heard of the EGA until I started reading blogs. Sadly, the only meeting I'd be able to make these days would be at lunchtime in a location practically on top of my work. I think this is, generally, one of the barriers for "youngsters" to join.

Sara Leigh said...

I'm inspired by that cell phone case concept! The wheels are turning (they've been a bit rusty of late).

I have to commiserate with the other comments. Unfortunately, the timing of guild meetings prohibits most working women from attending meetings. And I'm sorry to hear that Anonymous's guild members are not warm and welcoming to younger members. Very sad, but I've heard of cliquish behavior in guilds from other people too. We older members need to wake up if we don't want the guilds to dry up and disappear.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I am in my mid-30s and recently took my third needlepoint class at one of my local shops. I was the youngest student by easily 15-20 years. I think I'd enjoy joining an ANG chapter in my area but am unsure if the other women would be welcoming to such a 'young' stitcher.

Donna said...

Whitney - I'd like to continue this conversation. But I can't link to your e-mail because my computer is having a microsoft outlook fail.

Can you e-mail me?