Thursday, October 06, 2011

Good News

About my penchant for misplacing things. 

It continues. 

Yeah. There is that.

But occasionally that means there is great rejoicing when lost things are found.

So my telephoto camera lens that I first noticed was missing back in August, has been relocated!

Frequently the cause of this problem is cleaning. You know how you've got to pick up before you can clean? And sometimes you have short notice on this whole process? 

My lens, in it's Vera Bradley bag, was located this week behind the door in the middle of my sideboard. I know I looked in both drawers below the cabinet, but apparently I never opened the door. 

Looking for autumnal napkins has its perks!


CindyMae said...

It is always nice to find those things that have went missing! So glad that you found it!

Lisa said...

I alway remember the strange feeling when I put something "away" - it is the nagging thought that "this is a weird place to put it, but I am sure that I will remember". Unfortunately I remember the weird feeling, but I don't always remember where I put the thing. So it always feels like Christmas when I open that strange place and find the item that I was once looking for...did any of that make sense?

Just finished reading your previous post about travel...totally described the "pat down" for I just experienced that for the first time in Phoenix (I wonder if it might have been the same lady). I can also relate to your Russian seatmates, for 12 year olds are very similar and like apple juice!

Take care.

lewmew said...

So glad I'm not the only one who loses things when I clean!