Friday, December 02, 2011

Comments on Comments

I've been remiss on commenting on my comments. 

Today is time to update! I've only gone back a week, 'cause that's about all I can handle. I can't even remember who I replied to privately...

From Ann - Oh, how I would love to get to DC to see the hoard--I've watched every program Nat Geo has shown on it. And at least you got a needle threaded this week-end!

One of the cool things about this exhibit was talking to one of guides who wanted to share some updates. Literally they find out new things about the gold hoard every week. The craftsmanship is amazing. But the questions about who buried it? Why is everything bent and fragmented? Etc? may never be answered. 

From Lee -
Your list is pretty extensive! I was beginning to think I was one of only a few shop-hunters.

Huh. I thought everyone did I what I do. When traveling the first thing I'd do in a hotel is look in the phone book. Of course, these days I look online before ever leaving home. And I just realized I left out shops in San Diego and New Orleans. LOL

From Kathleen - 
That is quite a list with all of your worldly travels...and I thought for sure I would see "Wild & Wooly Needlecrafts" on your list of shops from Virginia!

Wild and Wooly. I'm not familiar with it.

As for showing photos of my very messy studio - Some friends were horrified, like my mother would be if she ever saw those photos. Some friends were grateful to find someone else whose room resembles their own. Some claim greater messes, but I'm not believing unless I see photos. And, Melissa, no offense taken. I know it looks bad. Because it is bad. 

The good news is I'm apparently recovering quickly. Maybe the Cold-eze worked! 

I finished an ornament yesterday but you'll have to wait until after our exchange to for a photo.  


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I noticed you are participating in Kimono Revisted. Me too. I'm looking forward to learning new stitches and sharing my journey.

Donna said...

Hi! I just printed out the initial instructions for the Kimono class. John was our class angel at Seminar in September for a Gary Clark class and he was tons of fun.

You live in a wonderful place that I'd love to visit someday.