Monday, December 12, 2011

Starting Over

It's Monday and we're starting new this week. Last week got rather involved and I never found time to post. 

I do have tons of fabulous photos to work with now. And knowing what people want to see the most I give you my latest finish:  from Little House Needleworks 2010 ornaments - Snowy Pines. I will be attempting to finish this before Dec. 25th, but I'm not holding my breath which is why I'm showing the stitchy finish. Looking back at these, I see that I want to do the majority of them. They should release a book with just the ornament patterns. I'd buy it even though I have several already.

Here's where I confess that I am officially jumping from the Crazy January Challenge. Why? Because Snowy Pines is one of those projects. And it's only the 6th one I finished!!!

I will eventually finish all that I started. But not in 2011. 

But that doesn't mean I can't start new things. (Oh the humanity!)

I won a door prize at the holiday luncheon and it was a Betsy Morgan project!

I started the outlining last Wednesday and yesterday I got to put in my first stitches with the Glorianna silk. It will be a scissor pocket eventually. 

The majority of the outline is in a Celtic cross stitch which I am officially in love with and need to find other places to use it. How could I not love this? It's based on violas. It's one of Betsy's retired designs which you can see here -

Sorry for having to give the whole url, but blogger isn't letting me insert a link right now. Always with the problems. (Okay. Just tried it again and it let me. Oh.)
I am now off to shop. I've caught up on some of my missing sleep hours and must go catch up on things that need to be done!

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