Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of Year Confessions

Let's start with the good news. The day before Christmas Eve I was able to spend a few hours in my room reorganizing. The major overhaul will happen in January when I return home. Elfa's on sale at the Container Store - which I have been waiting for since the last sale - LOL.

And though I had to go in the room on December 24th to locate some scrapbooking supplies for my DH at which point I knocked a bag full of supplies that I still haven't picked up, I was able to walk into the room on Christmas day and pack up a few projects to bring with me to New Hampshire. And I might have stashed a bag or two of things there for safekeeping. Still it looks way better than when I posted those ugly photos of my mess. 

Thus after a happy Christmas day, the next morning we woke up at o'dark thirty and packed up the car with presents and hit the road. The good news, hardly any trucks on the road and greatly reduced traffic. The bad news, lots of grandparents driving home doing 45 in the left hand lane of the interstate with their blinkers on and a twelve dollar charge to cross the George Washington bridge. 

I only managed to finish 6 of my 15 Crazy January Challenge. I've got a couple of them with me here, but I doubt I'll finish them before January 1st. I don't regret participating in this little experiment. I love what I did finish. And everything I started last January will just roll over into 2012's WIPocalypse, the details of how I'll be doing this won't be able till I get home in January. 

Yesterday I drove right past Yankee Cross Stitch without stopping. Bet you never thought I could do that. 

Well, there really isn't anything I need right now. OR WANT. Wow. Stop the presses. That's news!

Or maybe I should confess that I still have to order my Stitch of the Month kit from the Scarlet Thread and I have another secret which I will confess to.

And I'm telling you this because some of you might want this one, too. 

I signed up for Amy Mitten's Friesland Winders' Keeper. See it here. Don't forget to look at the other two versions

I have not stitched anything by Amy, but I might have a pattern or two in my stash. I love her Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch book. 

Between Stitch o' the Month, the Kimono class and Ms. Mitten's, I think I have a pretty full dance card. 

Lastly, January is coming. And with it comes the fun of a retreat weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. I will have a stash enhancement opportunity as I have a gift certificate that I won at Seminar to spend at Salty Yarns. 

2012 is shaping up nicely! If I don't get back here before December 31st, I'd like wish everyone a Happy New Year!


Anna van Schurman said...

Happy New Year! That Amy Mitten is really pretty.

zoomcity said...

Amy Mitten's Friesland Winders' Keeper is amazing.