Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Finish And...

A finish and a start? 

Let's begin with Forever in Blue Jeans. 
Yeah for me! 

The real question is now how long it will it remain an unfinished finish? The plan is to make it into a purse with a beaded fringe. The potential hold up - am I experienced enough to do this myself? A question that will not be answered any time too soon.

And immediately after clearing a UFO from the closet, I started a new project. ROFL!

What am I thinking? 

Anyone recognize it? (No fair answering if you see it later today at Thursday stitching group.)



Kelly said...

Forever in blue jeans is a wonderful finish. I like the idea of making this into a purse. It is always nice to have a project that you can use.

Teresa S. said...

I am stumped on the new start, but love forever in blue jeans AND the beading idea! Go for it!

lewmew said...

Looks like a Laura Perin piece?