Monday, March 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Stars

Last week at Thursday stitching group I started Gary Cooper, the last block I have left on Stars. I left feeling pretty good that I'd worked through the first three sections. I did, unfortunately, also locate a tiny error two blocks over on Humphrey Bogart. On my crescents, I went into a hole twice, leaving an empty hole. It's noticeable and I added it to my list of things that need fixing before I am finished. That makes four places that need to be removed and restitched. They will all go through the process I'm about to detail.

I start section four and almost immediately locate an error. I've stitched two many pink threads and not enough blue threads on top part of this cross piece. Here's how my back look at this point. 

There is no fudging this error. It needs to come out and be replaced. Can you see there's not enough blue fern stitch?

I start by removing the top two layers that were stitched over the pink. And now for a careful snip of the extra pink thread.

In my stitching bag, I have a Dololly and a pair of tweezers for just such an occasion. I remove everything that needs to be corrected. And it looks like a blank canvas again. 
Now the backside at this point could have looked way worse. Three of the threads I've removed have ended here. I've only got six ends to rebury.
I know that many years ago I splurged on this Dololly. I knew it cost more than I should be spending. I have never regretted it. In short order all six tails have been grabbed and reanchored. 

And we're back to this fairly neat back. 
And soon that mistake is corrected and I move on to section four!

Okay. I said soon. I lie. This whole process takes a tremendous amount of time. But it's done and Gary Cooper will soon be riding off into the sunset.


mary ruth in NC said...

I have a Dololly. Wonder where I stored that? Thanks for reminding me of a thread toy I had forgotten about. It is probably in a project bag - a good reason to hunt through the stored stash.

Bonnie said...

Now you have me wondering (just like Mary Ruth has) where my Dololly is. I know it is not in SC so need to make a note to search my studio when I get home in mid-May.

Anne Bloom said...

What is a dololly? Where do you get one?