Tuesday, March 06, 2012

One More Motif Finished

Maybe one of the reasons I like stitching Quaker based samplers is the sense of accomplishment you get as you finish a motif. Each motif becomes its own mini-happy dance inspiration. 

Color's not quite right with this photo, but I'm on the laptop and the software to alter photos is not working on this machine right now. (We just identified this problem. Now how shall we fix it?) (Speaking of this laptop, it's a 7 year old Sony Vaio that at the time I thought my hubby had spent far too much money for. Seven years later it's still going strong. Boy, was I wrong.)

Trust me. When the designer of this sampler starts to sell online, I will let you know. Right now the only way to get her designs is taking a class with her - Pamela Darney of Guild House Samplers. And yes, she is planning on online sales. But she does have a "real" job that takes up a lot of time and the online launch is progressing very slowly.

Yesterday afternoon I was standing in my kitchen watching snowflakes fall while the sun was shining and the temperature outside was 42 degrees (5 to those who don't use Farenheit.) Totally bizarre. Thursday it's supposed to hit 70. I give up on trying to decide what to wear when I leave the house and now I'm just into layering. And stripping as I go. A disturbing image, I know. 
But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Anonymous said...


I've just joined your blog.

I love your Quaker motifs WIP it's lovely.

RuthB said...

Woo hooo--- here's to Quaker happy dances! I know just what you mean and I think it might be one of the Quakers great gifts to mankind. :)

Happy stripping..... lol

Margo's Musings said...

Your Quaker piece is really pretty - even if the color is not true to reality.

The weather is really crazy in Maryland this year!!!!

Happy stitching!