Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Update and a Finish

First an update on Molehill to Mountain. I finished the second square and here's proof. 
I really, really disliked stitching those 8 light blue-violet triangles. But I did them and did them correctly. I moved on to square 4 - the Dallas Star - and have made my drawing and written down my color choices. Also stitched on tiny bit of it. Hubby, interestingly, said he didn't like this project. Because it was making me unhappy. LOL Well, I'm happy this one's finished. Don't know why I let this one become such an obstacle. Maybe I need analysis. 

And here's a Laura J Perin freebie from the Rainbow Gallery website called Holiday Square. As you can imagine from the name, the original is in red, green, gold and white. 

I did a stash rummage and found somethings more suitable for me. This was my first use of YLI's Painters Threads. I used Picasso. I found this fiber easy to work with except if you have to frog it. In the process of taking out, it's rather difficult to not snag and pull the fiber apart. I pretty much shredded what I frogged. Also used a Watercolours, two Splendors, a YLI Shimmer Floss and one card of Grandeur. 

It's a 4.5" square. Don't know what to do with it. Right now it's joining a couple other small canvas geometrics I have hanging around on stretcher bars awaiting final disposition. 


Carrie said...

They are both very pretty!

Carrie said...

They are both very pretty!

Sara Leigh said...

I'm having the same problem with Block 2 - those little triangles! I really have to finish them. I know I can get the rest done pretty quickly. I like the way the Holiday Square turned out. Very pretty!

Needle Nicely said...

I think you can take finished products off the stretcher bars. Only outside in very humid Florida would I think it would be a problem. Free those bars! That's our cry!

Seriously, I don't think you need to keep finished products on frames since it is the stitching process that might get them out of shape.

I always enjoy your take on projects. Thanks!

Carol said...

What a pretty colour choice. I will look forward to following your progress. I had to bribe myself to stitch the 4 triangles with the waffles, but the end result was worth the extra effort.

Cindy Minick said...

What about making a trivet out of the geometric?