Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Serenity in Silk

My hubby works a nine-day, nine hour schedule (with one hour off on one day) which means he has every other Friday off. 

Last Friday we fired up Ruby and headed in to town to see the Japanese Embroidery at the Japan Information and Cultural Center - 1150 18th St NW. 

Called Serenity in Silk:  the World of Nuido, this exhibit features works by American stitchers of Japanese Embroidery, a select few pieces by Japanese stitchers, and the Fractal Project. 

It's truly unfortunate that photography was prohibited. Because these pieces are quite simply stunning. The lighting is fantastic. And you can get very close to these pieces. There is something about viewing this just makes me want to thunk my head against a wall. In frustration. Because I'll never stitch anything that perfect. (But then again perfection is not why I stitch.)

Included in the exhibit is the Fractal Project - from the website:  In this display there will be three large hexagons made up of smaller hexagons displaying an image within a circular frame.  The circle is an intentional choice, a shape with neither beginning nor end.  Each embroiderer designed and created a small image that has personal significance reflecting individual, regional or spiritual ideas.  The project combines traditional embroidery techniques with 21st century computer design in a quest for greater appreciation for and understanding of the world and our place in it.  The Fractal Project is a work-in-progress and when complete will include more than 700 pieces, each one created by embroiderers from around the world.

Anyway. The exhibit is free and open to the public through April 2. That's not much time.  Details here:  JICC - a World of Serenity.

If you'd like more about Nuido, you can look here - http://www.nuido.org/default.htm. There's photos and bit of history of Japanese Embroidery.

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