Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Funny but when hubby and I take a walk in the woods, we sometimes have different agendas. He was there for the exercise. I was there for the photos ops! 

If you walk the paths through the woods where I live you find people have planted some random flowers. Because they can. 

There were daffodils near the crocuses.  

 And a patch snowdrops. 

 And some little yellow wildflower that I don't know the name of and I've wasted 20 minutes on a fruitless internet search for the name. Oh well. 

Lots of birds out and about. I was very patient and eventually found the male hawk I'd been hearing. He led to the female. Unfortunately there were branches in the way of me getting any clear pictures of the pair. But I know where they like to hang out and I'll go back in a few days and try again.

So here's some flowers created by my own fingers. The Garden Gate Sampler just calls to me. I've stitched all the way across the top and started down the left hand side. I think I'll continue down the side and see if it will match up with where the bottom is currently. I've got half of this sampler to go! Good thing I love it so much!
edit:  The Garden Gate Sampler is by Pamela Darney of Guild House Samplers. Currently she only sells through her classes. But she is working on selling online. As soon as she gets up and running online, I will be here to tell you about it! Trust me. 

Sometimes I refer to this as my School Sampler as I'm replacing all the words with words from my school. You'll see. There's already that little bit up there on the right - Non Sibi - which is latin for Not For Oneself. I've had this phrase on my cell phone screen forever. Okay, as long as I've owned a cell phone that I could personalize. It's a reminder every day.


CalamityJr said...

What a lovely design you're stitching, and you certainly took a photo worthy walk!

Karen said...

Donna, I love your Garden Gate Sampler. Who is the designer?

Deborah said...

The sampler is beautiful!

Nicola said...

Please let us know when her designs are on line. Your sampler is gorgeous.

Veronica said...

Beautiful flower pictures. Both real and the ones you stitched :)


Bonnie said...

Garden Gate sampler is looking great! Can't wait until Pam is selling her designs.

Sara Gehring said...

Did you ever find out the name of the yellow flower? My kids and I have been seeing it everywhere (in Northern Maryland) and we can't find the name!!!