Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Tusal and a Finish


The title says your gonna see photos, but google tells me I've reached my limit. 

Have to decide what to do. 

Now you'll have to wait for me to update.


Edit:  Update - I've upgraded my storage, but there's a lag before my account acknowledges that. So, still no photos.

Third day edit:


March's Totally Useless Stitch-Along! Lots of colors in there. A fair amount of blues and pinks from Stars. 

And my 2012 Scissor Fob from Shepherd's Bush finish.  

 I got it because a) I thought it was cute and b) it matched my Tessa scissors that I got for completing my President's Challenge last year. 

I really like this black-edged ribbon and wonder if I can find a source of it for my very own? 

Stitching continues with a quickly put together project that I need to bring to Guild meeting next week, then I'll post a photo. And I've been working on my Molehill to Mountain. Given the crappy weather this weekend, I might see the finish of block 2 which has been holding me up. Seriously. Like a it pointed a gun at me and said you don't like me, you don't get to stitch me. (No. Seriously. I've been on this block forever. Like I started it back in August. That's 7 months!!!) I am way behind on this piece, but so is almost everyone else. Almost. Chris is finishing block 4 and is providing me with inspiration!

And yesterday it took me the 46 minutes that was the entire last episode of Mad Man that aired to frog an old piece that's been hanging out and waiting for attention. I bought a stitch ripper blade thingy that made this much easier than the last time I tried. It's the kind with a curved blade which most sewing tool rippers don't have. Makes it easier to not cut through the canvas, which is obviously a bad thing. 

Which brings me a future post topic. My stitching bag tools. Someone asked about what is a Dololly. And I promise, I'll explain.  

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