Friday, April 06, 2012

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Spring is well past sprung here. Cherry blossoms came and went with amazing speed. Though there are some late bloomers out there still showing their petals. Red buds, dogwood, tulip magnolias, bradford pears - have all done their thing. Now we're on to the azaleas. I've got a combination wardrobe going now as I never know if it's a pants day or a capri day. But I do know that I should take our winter coats to the dry cleaners. That kind of cold is over.

I have finished my March stitching on the Kimono. Plus I've got the first section of the April stitching done, too. 
I can't tell you how happy this project is making me. I can stare at this one for a long time. Here's a close-up of the March sections.
Look closely at the bottom section on the right, I've spent a bit of time second guessing that one. That overdye is bit grayed out. Doesn't pop. But after consideration I've decided to leave it in. And I'm going to plan carefully for the colors that will be next to it. 

I used all my colors when I finished section 19. So depending on how many colors I use in a section, I guesstimate that I can stitch around 20 sections before starting again with all the colors to choose from. We've got 130 sections on this piece so most colors will be used 6-7 times. (That's right. I can't help but do the math. That's just how I roll.)

And because spring has sprung, it must be the start of the baseball season!
On Tuesday we had tix to the Nats vs. Red Sox exhibition game at Nationals Park. We saw a terrific game. And at home, hubby has hooked us up with a WDTV device and we can watch the games on the big screen with MLB.TV. I am happily back at baseball stitching season and soon I will show you a new project picked just for this occasion.


gilly said...

The Kimono looks lovely :) I am also stitching this but am way behind, I have only just started the outline for lesson 2.

Carol said...

Hi Donna,
Love the colours. I will look forward to seeing more blocks. I started this one a few years ago when it was charted in one colour. I chose a jade green, yours make me want to start all over again with a rainbow of colour. What overdye did you chose?

Veronica said...

Kimono looks great. The colours are so lovely.