Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Update

No stitchy photos. 'Cause I'm bad that way. 

Here's a photo of one of the neighborhood cats. I was out taking pictures of the flowers around the cul-de-sac. Pretty baby!
And here's where we stitchers can find our best palette's - right outside our door. 

Purples to orange to white and plenty of greens!
I took 3 pieces to enter in the Woodlawn Needlework Show on Saturday. The show opens this year on May 12th. I'll be in Florida and will miss the opening. The really silly thing? I took Stars - not silly. But I still haven't taken a photo of Stars framed - now that's silly. It's out of my hands till mid-June and I don't have a photo of it. 

When I got Stars home from the framer, I finally unwrapped the whole piece and saw a tiny flaw. One of the laid stitches in the border had gotten pulled up away from its buddies. So I had to go back to the framer. They opened it up for me and I threaded a curved needle with a piece of Appleton crewel wool. One pass through and that errant thread was back where it belonged. Phew. 

I came home from retreat last week and on Monday developed quite the sore shoulder. The left one this time. It's usually the right. Heat and Advil made me feel better for a bit, but it didn't last. So I didn't stitch a bit on canvas this past week as I've been resting. I've done some work on two of my Quaker pieces because I work those in hand and don't have much upper body movement. (Yeah, like stitching is a workout...) Feeling much, much better. And I need to get back to my Kimono as I hardly did any of the April stitching. 

Which means my May goal will be to be caught up by the end of May. That seems reasonable. 

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Karen said...

Would you share your Woodlawn entry numbers? I'd like to be sure I see them. Especially Stars.