Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baseball Purists

The baseball purists are recommending that I change the color of the gray doorways to Monster Green on my Fenway canvas.

This is going to cause some rethinking on my part. I can still start this canvas on Thursday because the red and whites I have won't get changed. But I may have to do some fiddling with the greens. 

Speaking of which, it takes 38 gallons of green paint to repaint the Monster at Fenway. Which is done on average every two years. 

The wall itself has only been green since 1947. The initials of the former owners, the Yawkeys, are written in Morse code on the wall. If you know where to look. 

I could go on, but I am capable of self-editing my Red Sox mania.


I finally started my outlines yesterday for the April stitching on my Kimono. Discovered a new place to stitch at my house. Normally I would try to go stitch outside on the deck for a bit, but it was too windy. And because I was making Hungarian Goulash with Noodle and Cabbage, I didn't want to stray too far from the kitchen as things occasionally need stirring. So I dragged a chair into the kitchen and set up by the doors to the deck. Same light as stitching on the deck. A lot less wind! Cleared off the butcher block cart to put my stuff on and made a Tangerine soda for myself. My big hope for this part is that the outline for the top and bottom line up - eventually. It would suck if they didn't.  

I also started a new carry-along project - an ornament kit that I bought in New Orleans. It's the cathedral at night with a glitzy, shiny purple, yellow, and green background. Very nice that they detail that they've put 10% more than you need in the kit. Very not nice that didn't tell that there wasn't enough to basketweave. Fortunately, Lori at the Waste Knot was very helpful and she was right on identifying the thread so I could purchase more. 

I've got some good stuff lined up in the near future - coming up  this weekend is the Leaf Collage class with Terry Dryden. WooHoo! You can see this piece here - http://www.terrydryden.com/leaf-collage/. (stupid blogger is giving me a hard time making a link again. annoying.)

Do I need another big canvas project? Nope. But I love the colors on this one. 

After that, I've got a Guild retreat weekend coming up. I've been considering what to bring. Last year I took O, Canada and my American Rose piece to this retreat. Neither one is finished. O, Canada is closer. I guess I should go resurrect it from the flaming heap of UFOs. I could bring the Rose again. Which I also brought to Ocean City in January. I can look at this project for a couple of hours then all that red color just starts to fry my brain. Anyway, it's just fun considering what to bring!


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