Friday, April 20, 2012

Retreat Weekend

I have the best husband in the whole world. Because he's not giving me any grief for running off to do needlework things two weekends in a row! I love you, sweetie!

Today is the start of retreat weekend. I'm halfway to fully packed. My stitching stuff is laid out on the dining room table. I've got two bags for a friend who will be coming to us straight from a business trip. I've got a bag with some goodies for sharing. One last load of laundry is in the wash because I decided I wanted those jeans I wore yesterday. LOL - why do I always do this? And I need to run by a grocery real quick because we're out of eggs and butter. (I missed my normal Thursday afternoon shopping run because of my shuttle adventures.) 


After a ton of debate with myself and changing my mind multiple times, I'm packing 4 Pam Darney projects. They don't take up much room. One's nearly finished. Two are just started. One is halfway there. That's a lot of variety. 

Also - I wasn't going to pack my Kimono, but I'm falling behind so it's bumped the American Rose out of rotation. And I'm bringing my Molehill to Mountain. Again - I am woefully behind on this piece and the designer wants to see my progress. Indeed, I want to see my progress. We don't know how this one is going to turn out! Leaf Collage may sneak in at the last moment because I can share some info the friend who had to leave the class early. 

More stitching than I can possibly accomplish in one weekend. But for me the secret to success on these weekends is to keep rotating projects. Keeps me interested and excited. 

Have a terrific weekend all!

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