Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Musings from a Four Bedroom Townhouse

I've been bad at blogging lately. Seriously misplaced my mojo here in the month of August. I'm here today to begin to rectify this situation.

First of all - there is absolutely nothing new here to report. Not a thing. 

I did accompany a friend to two of our local needlepoint shops yesterday. And I was for the most part, good. No new canvases followed me home. No books, no charts. One magazine snuck in my bag - the new issue of Piecework where literature and needlework collide. 

Piecework Magazine: July/August 2012 

I couldn't not buy it. Because I had to have the article on needlework and Jane Eyre. See, I'm currently on a Jane Eyre binge. I started reading a book called The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde which is the first book in his Thursday Next series of books. Which led me to bring up my copy of Jane Eyre on my Nook which had a decent foreword. And of course there is this piece in my stash from Sampler Girl:

A Jane Eyre Motif Sampling 

I should obviously get cracking. Um, kitting? stitching?

But first a few progress photos:

 My progress on my Casket Etui. I've put this project on a one thread a day status. It's one way to make me stitch on it. Most days that can turn into more than one thread.
 Here's the part that I like, but dislike stitching. It's the pattern darning. Looks great, but I just don't have no fun stitching this. So it's one thread of this and one thread of a part I like!
 And I have finally picked my Kimono back up! My progress thus far - sections 1-42 stitched. I'm thinking that this might have to become a one section a day project...

Funny how when I picked this up on Monday I immediately saw two small areas with missing stitches. Sometimes putting things down for a while helps. Good thing I've been keeping track of what I've used in each section! 

And back to that shopping expedition. I went to pick up some threads. Because I've got a project to teach next year for my guild. I brought home a nice collection of possibilities. A bit of cotton, a bit of silk, a few beads, some metallics. Now I need to go purchase some color ink for the printer and I'll be in business.


Cathy Pavlovich said...

You've got some beautiful stitching going on there. I've been a bad blogger too this month. Glad I'm not the only one.

Anna van Schurman said...

That's not nothing!