Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

Back in July we had a few vendors at our EGA meeting. One of them was the French Needle. I do like getting things from her and in particular this time I decided to pick up two French needlework magazines. These are from 2009.
For some reason I was just completely captivated by these sardines. And I am obviously going to have to stitch a plate of them.
Also while in Massachusetts, we visited Lexington. I think we took our children here when they were small, but I don't have any photos as proof. What I really remember about Lexington and Concord is being there in 1975 for the 200th anniversary of the Battle. We marched in a parade and did a battle reanactment. President Ford was there and his presence delayed things by quite a bit. I remember this one specifically because I carried a musket and some stupid Boy Scouts tried to give me a hard time about a girl carrying a gun.
In the gift shop at the tavern I found a small repro sampler with a black and white photo and a hand-drawn chart. And also a colonial pocket kit done in surface embroidery. I might change the cotton threads to wool. 

This is designed by Deborah Campbell who does 18th century reproduction clothing and accessories which you can see here at Nouveau Chic

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lewmew said...

I am so envious you have such an abundance of needlework stores and other sites to pick from! LOVE the sardines!