Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still Playing in Paradise

I have been be-bopping around various parts of New England. Been to parts of Maine, Massachusetts and even New Hampshire that I don't usually get to or have never been to. Always fun to find new places to visit. 

One day, DH and I had a goal of where we needed to be at 6 p.m. and initially I thought I was going to get to visit the Lowell Textile Museum. We'll save that for another time. Instead we detoured to Lexington, MA again,  home of the first battle of the American Revolution and the famous "shot heard 'round the world." I've got photos and things to show you from this little adventure, but instead this morning I'll show you our second major stop of the day.

I unfortunately did not take any photos of the Wellesley Needlepoint shop. But suffice it to say it's a charming place filled with wonderful stuff and staffed by friendly and helpful people. Definitely worth a stop if you are remotely in the area. 

What I loved was an opportunity to purchase some things in person that I had viewed online. 

My wonderful husband was the one who pinged on the train stand-ups. We almost bought four of them, but instead left with two which is slightly more reasonable. First up - Santa in a Swan Boat.
Second - a fan car for us New Englanders. We left behind the State House and the Make Way for Ducklings ones. But I know where they are once I finish these two. The funny thing is that though there is a caboose for this train, there is no engine.
This is my team regardless of how the year is going. Apparently we are back to the break your heart version of the Sox...which so many of us remember well.
Here's some stitching progress. The basketweave portion of this program is nearly finished. Now I need to decide what will work in the red portion. 

I'll play catch up with my other adventures in a few days. I've been getting in snippets of stitching time. I'm lucky that my relatives have no problems with me sitting around with a piece of needlework in hand. In fact, if I wasn't stitching, I'm certain there would be questions!

edit:  I forgot to include a link to the shop - Wellesley Needlepoint.  I just did a quick look and didn't see the train canvases. But you can see the Patriots and Red Sox ones.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Make Way for Ducklings. OMG! Cute.