Thursday, August 23, 2012

Repeat after Me

Raise your right hand and swear, you won't buy any more stash until landing in New Mexico for Seminar in October. 

Is it possible? Can I do that?

I think I can with a slight modification.

I swear not to purchase any new patterns (except the one waiting for me at my LNS that I had them set aside for me a while back) or canvases between now and Seminar. 

If I possibly need a thread or two or six, I'm allowed. But no new threads just for inspiration. Or just because they are there. Only threads for things already to go or already in progress.

No new fabric. (Except that one yard of something that I told someone to get for me.) 

This means I decided that I am not going to try to visit ANG Seminar in Philly next week. Nor will I be going to Fireside Stitchery, as much as I want to. 

No more looking at Canvases Be Gone. Or evilbay. 

It's only two more months till I'm heading to Santa Fe. I can do this.

And speaking of Santa Fe. I'm all set. Got plane tix, a car reservation. And final payment for my kits is headed out in the mail. Seminar fever is in the air as several of my friends are headed to Philly for ANG Seminar. I'm sure the first-timers will have a fabulous experience. It's so entrancing to be surrounded by that much stitching power.

In other news:

Here's my second Olympic stitching project.

I tried and tried and tried to find something to do in that red part that wasn't basketweave. No go. Went back to look at the pillow on Barbara Bergsten's website and it was basketweave. I bowed down to the inevitable. 

Small progress on my Casket Etui. I had fun doing the four-sided stitch while babysitting beef short ribs on the grill on Saturday. Was nice to sit outside and stitch. Was not nice that I needed to use bug spray to stop the mosquitoes from biting. 

Now what is this Minuteman statue from Lexington doing here?

 He's an emblem of the service many have given to our country.

And this is my son raising his right hand and swearing into the US Army on Tuesday. That's him in the beard.
We're very proud of him. 

Fortunately for us, he doesn't leave until January. Gives me time to get used to this idea. 


Anna van Schurman said...

That's an idea to get used to. Good luck to all of you. I can't believe people are coming to Philly and I'll be in Maine. Well, I will be enjoying myself, but all that, right here?

jhm said...

COngrats to your son. I'm sure he will do you proud as well as our country.


Nancy L said...

Wishing your son well in the Army. And wishing calm for you!

lewmew said...

A piece of me wishes my son would do the same....Hugs and best to you and him Linda

Jamie said...

Son #3 entered the Air Force on NATO Monday. We were not sure it was the right choice for him and it happened very fast with only 6 days notice. He is doing very well and has gotten the post he wanted. Photography.
I enjoy your blog.