Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm sorry I didn't get to post from my retreat this past weekend, but I was busy!

For those who know me on facebook, you saw some sunrise photos because I did get up and walk on the beach. Cold, but way better than last year. The first morning out, I saw two foxes trotting down the beach towards me. I tried to get my phone out of pocket quickly, but I only got video of them trotting away from me. I talked to woman the next morning on the beach and she said they used to be skinny, but now they are fat and happy foxes. Good eats at the beach!

I'll come back tomorrow and post photos of my work over the weekend. 

Good luck and safe journeys to my son who left today for Ft Benning and Army Basic. 

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jhm said...

Good luck to your son. Remind it that basic is only temporary - it's just mind games.