Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Playing Catch Up

It's a new year and many of you are talking goals and such. I'm not much of a goal oriented person. I have them, but they exist in my head and are rarely stated in writing or out loud. 

I have a few stitching deadlines coming up and then I'll be free to focus on whatever I want for the remainder of the year. I like this idea of freedom. And I will try hard to resist new deadlines for the next two years. Mostly because I've taken on the presidency for my EGA guild. So from here on till January 2015, all classes and challenges will be met on a casual basis, i.e., they will get done, when they get done. No pressure. 

On the health front - can I say after more than decade without having to use any antibiotics, I've been on them twice since the end of October. They served their purpose both times. But the side effects are brutal. Even with kefir and probiotic pills and raspberry leaf tea. I may strenuously resist taking any more. 

Continuing on health - I have been walking. A lot. It makes me happy. I feel better. I like being outside. Here's a quote from a large person who started walking nearly one year ago:

But the truth is, exercise does not work, diets do not work, feeling crummy does not work. Nothing works. My advice: Quit trying to be something you're not, be happy with the life you've been given, and just go for a pleasant walk outside. 

This is from something Michael Moore posted on facebook. And he's right. No magic solutions. Get up and move.

That's it for me starting a talk about goals this year.    

On our way north, we had a great drive right until I hit Connecticut. Then the spector of snow that evening made everyone start their travels early. Such a pain through CT and then the Turnpike in Massachusetts. I thought we'd never arrive. Here's Francisco who is now our traveling companion taking a rest in MA after some serious dancing. He's very fond of Macklemore's Thrift Shop song.

Here's our favorite stop both north- and southbound. It's in Vernon, CT, just north of Hartford. On the trip home, I had the matzoh ball soup and I swear that was the cure for my antibiotic problems. 

December 27th, we woke up to the promised snow. Francisco only had his Santa hat so I didn't let him play outside too long. But a few days later, he received another hat and a scarf. He's prepared for winter now. 
Favorite outdoor activity while home? Sitting around the fire at my sister's neighbor's house.
Enough reading and writing. Time to put away the laundry and make dinner and stitch a bit.


Danielle said...

Thank you for posting that Michael Moore quote! It went right into my journal.

Anna van Schurman said...

Reins is our favorite stop too. Have the menu in the glove box so I can run in while Pete walks Stella. We never seem to time it right to hit it both ways. My dad always wants us to pick up a pound of fatty pastrami.

Bonnie said...

Bruce loved the photo of Rein's. He also mentioned that Robert Parker mentioned Rein's in his Spencer books.

Margaret said...

Sorry about hitting traffic in CT and MA. We drive through those areas a whole lot so I know how it is. Ugh. Love your travelling companion. Oh, and I've discovered I like walking outside too! I just wish the weather would cooperate all the time. lol!