Monday, January 07, 2013

Rated ML for Mature Language

(I'm serious about the language warning. Just saying.)

(Of course, some people write like this way more often than I do. But if you ever meet me on my hometown turf, I can swear like a sailor. I try to leave that behind when I head south.)
Last spring my niece had posted a photo of a subversive cross stitch piece on facebook. Her husband chimed in with a like. I squirrelled away that little nugget of information and one Saturday in December I graphed this piece, went upstairs to the studio pulled a nice piece of Mello Cashel out of the stash and picked colors from the DMC 3800 range. 

Here's what I finished after a few hours.  
I like the first one so much, I made a second one for my father-in-law. These were my last two finishes for 2012. I did warn you in the title, so please, no complaining about my using four letter words. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to. 

Try as I will, I can't seem to locate any photos of Dame Judi Densch doing the same type of work in needlepoint. Though I can find references to her doing it.

I've made bare bones progress on my Scarlet Letter sampler. But a little bit is better than no progress at all. 

And here's another little project that I couldn't show because it's for my daughter. But now she has seen it and the bunny can come out into the light of day. I bought this two years ago in New Orleans at the Garden District Needleworks. It's a Lee canvas and I have the black hipster bag that it fits into. 
I like this so much, I debated keeping it for myself. But I'm going to be good and send it on to its recipient as soon as it's done.

Here's a little bargain I picked up in an antique shop in New Hamsphire. 
It needed rescuing. My original thought was to ditch the needlepoint, refinish the wood and stitch my own piece. I may just see how clean I get the needlepoint. It's much dirtier than this photo makes it look. If I can salvage it, I may.

Look. Another current project jumped in here. Not saying any more...

Up early as some people left New Hampshire at o dark thirty. Making sure the rest of us saw the sunrise. 

It was a wonderful visit. Could have managed without the two snowstorms. Or that zero degree morning. But hey, it's New Hampshire. 


Kielrain said...

Love the subversive piece. Love it. :)

That bunny one is great too...makes me think of the cluney tapestry.

Needle Nicely said...

I vote that you do your own piece for the footstool. You'll be so much happier with the finished (and refinished) project. I think antique dealers intentionally overprice old needlepoint.

Lee said...

Love your very original design! I'd stitch it, but don't know exactly where I'd hang it...

Margaret said...

The subversive cross stitch is wonderful! I'd love to see that pic of Dame Judi Dench doing one. lol! Love that bed you found -- it would be great if you could save the needlepoint, but just the bed is wonderful too!