Friday, January 18, 2013

First Finish of 2013

Feels good to have completed something. I'm all over the map with my stitching these days. And just when I thought I'd have some free time to stitch on whatever I felt like stitching, I took on another (small) project and apparently according to my friends have a baby sampler to make. 


Anyway. I'm leaving for Ocean City and the Camp Wannastitch retreat as soon as I post. 

Enjoy your long weekend everyone because I certainly will.


Krista said...

What a sweet finish! Enjoy your retreat, sounds like great fun!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Congratulations on your finish.
The rabbit is delightful!

You can always stop by on your way to the beach to say hi.
Call me maybe? LOL


Margaret said...

Love it! Have fun at your retreat!

Kielrain said...

I love that bunny. So sweet.

Mollymaja said...

Beautiful stitching, the motif is adorable. What is the design called?
I´d love to stitch that one too:)

Have a wonderful day!
Anette & Skruttan