Monday, November 15, 2004

Beads, Beads, Beads

It's all about the beads.

That's it. Now I'm hooked.

Because of my success making my peyote stitch bracelet in less than 2 days, I've been inspired.

On Saturday went thru my various jewelry boxes. I'd been planning on doing this anyway, but now had added incentive. Pulled out earrings that I never wear and gave them to DD who has been saying she's lost so many she doesn't have many pairs left.
Pulled out some old stuff and set aside for next spring's yard sale. Emptied the largest, oldest, ugliest jewelry box which is now history. Then scavenged thru the rest for bits and pieces that might be of interest to me. I knew I would never wear this fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet set that someone gave me. But if I rework it, I might. I restrung a rose quartz, garnet, and hematite necklace that I haven't worn in the 10 years since it broke. I fixed a bracelet for my daughter. I need to buy some real gold findings to fix a necklace for son.

Ah the fun.
So I started peyote stitching a choker. For me.
And got sidetracked (ADD anyone?) by an old cheap beading loom. Decided to see how hard could it be? Turns out, not hard at all. I threaded the loom, went thru my supply of Mill Hill seed beads, and made some quick decisions. My goal was a beaded name tag. My accomplishment would be a beaded name, that I can apply to fabric and embellish with more beads and stitching to make a name tag. Was easy - the directions were terrible and will go off hunting more advice here on the 'net.

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