Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Holiday Thoughts

Not trying to be USA centric or anything, but facts are it's where I live, and it's time for the holiday known as Thanksgiving.

It will be my DD's last Thanksgiving dinner while living at home (unless something terribly strange happens. We are not planning on allowing our children back in after they move out for college. Get a life. Live it.) I'm happy that my in-laws are coming to share it with us.

Pressure is on me. I pick up that fresh turkey tomorrow morning and bring it home and will brine it. I'm known as a good cook, that means I have to come through with good food. There's a part me right now that's thinking - what if I don't make my own rolls? LOL

Ah fuggetaboudit.

I will survive. Always do.

Remember to take a moment (or several moments) to be thankful for what you have. Stay out the stores on Friday - the deals are not worth the stress. Take a walk outside.

Last year on Thanksgiving morning, bluebirds passed through eating the berries off a tree in our backyard. I'm hoping they come back this year. It was the only day we saw them.

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