Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Still Stitching

WooHoo for me!
I turned on some music, turned on all the kitchen lights, made myself a cup of tea, sat at the kitchen table, and...got out my stitching!

Finished one flag. Decided to stitch down to the bottom on the right hand side of this piece (eagle exemplary - sheepish designs) because I'm stitching in hand. Today Rhodes stitch over 16 threads. I'm already looking forward to it.

But first.
Went to gym with darling son yesterday after school. I was doing just fine. I was already to leave, but he wasn't yet. So I decide just one more machine. Now I've got some muscle twingeing (sp?LOL) in my back. Today I was going to drag in the tree and the decorations from the garage across the street, but now I don't think so.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a super rainy stormy day and I'm chaperoning a bunch of high school students on a trip to a college conference on psychology anyway. Maybe I should just go Christmas shopping instead...

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