Monday, November 29, 2004

Stitching Again

If I had accomplished nothing else this weekend I would be happy just to be able to state I picked up my stitching on Saturday! About time. I had my Sheepish Designs exemplary 106(?) on the top of my pile and took it into the kitchen and turned on some music and happily stitched away for more than an hour.

I returned to this project yesterday morning only to get distracted by a movie. By the time the movie was over, I had come up with another plan. I want to attend a scrapbook crop in a few weeks, and needed to reorganize photos and plan ahead. I knew my negatives were organized spottily - some years I was great, others terrible. This whole thing took my nearly 7 hours. And I'm only halfway organized. I know I've got photos I need reprints for and I was trying to identify them.

On the down side, one of my nieces needs back surgery to correct her scoliosis. I'm imaging my SIL will be a wreck when the time comes.


Laren said...

Getting your photos organised is one of the biggest projects anyone starting off in scrapbooking can do. But it's worth every second. By breaking it up into smaller, more managable piles, it doesn't seem quite so intimidating or hard to start!


Froggie said...

Congrats on organizing your photos. I've started on mine several times, but I just never get caught up. It's amazing how much time it takes! By the way, I've added your blog to my blogroll. I enjoy reading it.