Thursday, November 18, 2004


It would have been a perfect stitching day yesterday. But when I sat down in the recliner to watch Crafters Coast to Coast, I fell asleep. LOL I hate when sunlight starts disappearing from my life. Makes me all depressed and tired. Need to get out walking more.

So when I woke up at the end of the program *heavy sigh* I decided to get out of the house. Drove down the mountain to Kohls, where amazingly I couldn't really find anything we needed in terms of Christmas presents. Did buy myself a bright (really bright) pair of isotoner gloves. Will look good with black jacket.

Couldn't find anything I needed in Linens and Things with a coupon. Wait. Not true. I found curtains that I liked hanging up on display but of course they didn't have any. I've been toying with redoing kitchen curtains on glass doors before in-laws arrive next week. Guess I should fabric shop instead.

Then ran over to TJMaxx - where I bought myself a turkey cookie jar. Yes, I'm the one who has been running all over buying the English china turkey plates. I've got 6 Spode ones, and 5 Churchill ones, 8 bowls and 5 salad plates. Don't know why I love them, but I do.

It's off to weigh in at WW this morning. Do you think I lost anything with my haircut that I got yesterday? LOL Not losing, but not gaining. I consider that a moral victory.

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