Friday, November 05, 2004

Winds a Blowin

It's trying to blow us right off the hillside today. I fortunately had paid attention to the weather forecast and moved my swing and outdoor furniture on Wed. I've got toys in my yard (not mine) and I figure they are just passing through. My neighbor's beautiful patio awning is upturned - hope it's not broken.

But best of all - I spent this morning outdoors at the sectionals for cross country. And DS didn't even run. Stayed to suppport the team though. First 3/4 of a mile was running headlong into the wind that's blowing at 40-50 m.p.h. No one breaking any course records today. Temperature about 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Boys came in 4th. This was the race we won last year. But we had the state champ on our team last year. And due to injury and people deciding soccer is more fun, we're down to one female runner. Last year she qualified for states all by herself. She may have a shot to do it again today.

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