Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Nice Day - new product to make stitching nicer

Boys are outside washing and waxing the cars. Who knows when we'll see 70 + degrees again. I finished out front digging in the dirt which I prefer to do gloveless. Which meant I did th dishes to make it easier to remove the worst of the blackness. And then used my new favorite cuticle softening hand product.

Not affiliated, blah, blah. Surgeon's Skin Secret. I found the best price at QVC and ordered from them. First time I ever ordered anything from QVC. Comes in a push up tube and is made of beeswax and lanolin. Not to be used right before stitching. I started using the stuff on Wednesday and by Friday the skin around my nails is soft, all signs of hangnails gone. I'm using it once in the a.m. and again at bedtime.

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