Friday, November 17, 2006

rain, rain, went away

DH bought a tuxedo last weekend. Didn't really think about maybe he'd need a new tux shirt (he had one with his Army Dress Mess uniform.) This due to body adjustment from no longer doing PT 5-6 days a week.

Wednesday evening he informs me that he needs a new shirt and he wants to wear this Friday night to the holiday party.

So out I went in the hellacious rain yesterday. I went to the mall first where all I found were wingtip collars which he didn't want. I heard the rain start while inside the mall. That's when I knew I should have moved faster. I felt bad for the women standing at the doors with baby strollers.

Several stops later - and by now I'm soaking wet - I finally located the shirt. But of course they don't have any red bow ties (which he needs for the Chorale performance.)

That means today I'm searching for a red bow tie because he decided last night that a new black tie might be nice. Oh. *smacking forehead*

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