Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nov. 1st

First day of NaNoWriMo. I was doing quite well. Had nearly a thousand words done. Realized that it was getting late and I needed to review DS's college application essays. He asked me to look at them. That was a totally different type of writing. I couldn't go back to my novel. LOL

But we did accomplish a lot yesterday. DS and I got his essays corrected for spelling and grammar and submitted his early decision application to the College of William and Mary. We also found a suit that fit him. Sure, the stores sell men's size 50s, but 38L - good luck finding that. We were close to spending big bucks at Men's Wearhouse. They had one - just one size 38L in Penneys. Any place else we looked had none. Because we found a deal, I bought him a second pair of dress pants and a cordouroy blazer. Shades of my past. There was my son standing there dressed in black shoes, jeans, white dress shirt, and a brown cordouroy jacket. He looked just like any of my fellow preppies from 1978. Just missing the tie hanging out of the jacket pocket. Major flashback for Mom.

Stopped at Wegman's to shop for dinner. Coudln't resist buying some cannoli shells and filling. Yumm. Watched Lost. Need to catch up with Top Chef today. And now it's time to go write 3,000 words. Yeah. Right.

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