Thursday, November 30, 2006

I tried

I tried posting some pics here, but they haven't shown up. Will try again.

But meanwhile.

While watching the Patriots/Bears game on Sunday I saw something that has turned me off football entirely. That was one player punching another player in the head. The punchee was down on the field at the end of the play. And the puncher, as he was getting up, took a cheap shot at him. (Yes, I know. They are wearing helmets. Still.) Even saw it in the background of the replay. Commentators didn't comment. But that's it for me. Too much unnecessary violence. I don't mind fighting during hockey or roller derby. That's part of the game. This, however, is making me rethink football. This whole mentality of if I can do without the ref seeing me, I will kick, stomp, punch an opposing player.

Personal issue. What can I say?


Jenn said...

Holy moly I completely missed that one!!! Did you catch who was involved? I know you said it was in the background, but maybe...

I'm starting to think that the NFL is taking notes from NHL, where the players are actually encouraged to start fights with each other!

jo said...

Unfortunately I didn't catch exactly who it was. The puncher was from the Bears, but it easily could have been the other way around.