Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Brain Age

Okay. So I've been playing with my little Nintendo DS Lite for 3 days now and it thinks my brain age is my actual age. I don't feel so insulted anymore.

But I still wish there were things I could remember more clearly. Like which class in college did I read parts of the Decameron in? I was so thrilled by it I went to the library and read the whole thing. But I can't remember which class or which professor it was. And I feel like I should be able to remember that. It was only 25-26 years ago...

Yes we joined the mad frenzy yesterday at the outlet stores. Needed to take DH with his new Seiko to have the band adjusted. Then we started the birthday shopping for him - 2 new pair of pants, 2 new shirts, a new pair of Pumas. Bought DD a Puma hat and shoes and new socks. She bought her own jeans. Then it was on to Best Buy to buy a camera case and memory card for DS's camera - I thought my camera took the same kind, but was wrong and was going to let him have my second card. Bought more games for my little Nintendo which obviously needs a name. It's white - maybe Snowflake?

Went to the Hard Times Cafe for supper. Three cheers for Chili Mac and beer.

Today is hanging out day. Laundry, library. DS is at track practice. DD just left for a run. I'm off to the showers and then maybe some afternoon stitching. That would be wonderful.

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