Thursday, December 28, 2006

re: Stitch Bitch comment

I've been trying like heck to post a comment on your blog and it keeps telling me that I'm using the wrong password. Which is funny, 'cause it's the same password that let's me sign in here to begin with. Oh well. Just more screwing up on the part of blogger/google/mozzilla.

So here it is for the Stitch Bitch:

Would you believe that for the past month, every time I clicked on my link to your blog I went to your Nov. 19th post. All this time I've been worried that the foot surgery went horribly awry and you were suffering terribly. So glad to be able to "see" your blog this morning and to find that you're recovering. Yeah!

As to the shoe issue - after my foot surgery, when I finally got out of the surgical boot (which I really wanted to burn when, but didn't) I found that my sneakers were way too tight across my foot for comfort. I went and bought a cheap extra wide slip on shoe at K-mart that was stiff enough to provide some measure of protection. Even today, nearly 3 years later, if anyone even comes close to stepping on that foot, I have a major meltdown.

Love the UFO stuff, too! Keep up the good work.

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