Tuesday, December 12, 2006

quick update

I'm back in Virginia after a whirlwind trip to NH. Poor DH had a cold and was miserable for a good part of the time and now I've got it. Don't feel too bad, but don't have a voice either. I'm squeaky like the cat.

Stopped in Worcester to see college girl. We fed her and bought her groceries. And in general enjoyed her presence.

Spent Saturday in a frenzy and succeeded in finishing shopping for all Christmas presents and birthdays to save myself postage. Got everything wrapped and beribboned. Met the new kitty that lives with my in-laws. A good match for both feline and humans.
Went out for seafood dinner. If someone had tried to steal a bite of my haddock I would have stabbed them with my fork. DD arrived courtesy of boyfriend. Two underage kids brought a bottle of champagne to my in-laws as a present. They didn't realize that they were breaking the law. Duh.

Got up early Sunday. DD and I went with sister and nephew to our old church, South Church, in Portsmouth NH. I love that building. I know we moved away 12 years ago, but I am surprised that there was not one familiar face there. Enjoyed a sermon about doing less at the holidays.

Our brunch anniversary party was no surprise to in-laws. Things went well and I was glad that I went instead of sending DH alone.

Had an incident free drive back to VA yesterday. I'm exhausted. And I think it's Monday. LOL

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