Friday, December 29, 2006

Two Days in a Row

I stitched more on my kitty face yesterday. I was cruising right along and then suddenly it was nearly making me blind. But I can finish this. Sometime soon even. Now if I can just get blogger to let me post photos again.

After the near blinding I moved on to another UFO - the Kreinik kit of "remember the ladies." When I started this, I was burnt out on over one stitching and decided to stitch the yellow tulips without the tent stitch over one, but just using regular crosses. The next time I picked it up, I decided there wasn't enough variation between the shades of yellow and frogged the cross stitches and started the tent stitch. Of course, that's where I left it. So now one tulip has the tent stitch interior that was the original design. I'm not looking forward to the over one writing in the middle of this. There's so much of it. I'll have to check my old stitching journal to see what fabric this is. I'm pretty sure I'm using some 32ct. I know a few others who have this as a UFO. Maybe I can convince them to stitch along with me. Anyone here need to finish this?

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Anna van Schurman said...

It's not on my official 2007 list but I do have his kit, and I would join you. Of course, that would mean I've already gone off my to do list before 2007 even begins.