Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ghosties in the machines

I tried posting this morning from the desktop and no go. Kept making me go back and sign in. Sigh. Now I am on the laptop and voila, the dashboard came right up and I didn't have to sign in. Sigh. I'm confuzzled.

Literally do not think my brain is working properly. Need a Nintendo DS and the Brain Age game. Or something. One Sudoku a day is not enough apparently. LOL

But all shopping is finished except something I'm trying to find for teenage boy. Took my daughter to the stores off the beaten track - re: Old Town Alexandria today. Not a place to shop for a teenage boy. Once you leave the confines of Best Buy, all teenage boy shopping had better be finished. Did love the Brit in the Ten Thousand Villages who wished me a Happy Christmas. Made my day.

Stitching. None. But plans for a shopping adventure with friends after Christmas. That should prove inspiring.

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