Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

Festivities are over with and now life can return to "normal." No more dreams of what I didn't buy or what needs to be wrapped.

Everyone in my family knows better than to try and shop for me at any type of craft store. LOL But I am going on a shopping excursion with friends to the Stitching Post on Friday. Lots of fun, even if I don't buy much.

Santa Baby bought me a Ninento DS Lite with Brain Age. Yes, I asked for this nearly a year ago. I've begun training as my brain age was a pitiful 62. 'Cause the machine didn't like my handwriting. I'm sure I'll get this down to a more realistic age in short order.

DS disappeared for five hours with his copy of Medieval II, Total War. LOL I threatened to turn the machine off if he didn't remove himself. He didn't even think about food in that time. How very strange for a teenage boy.

and I am officially proclaiming myself the Gravy Queen. I have perfected the art of perfect gravy. On Thanksgiving it the was the best turkey gravy ever. Yesterday it was the best roast beast gravy ever. The mashed potatoes are just a vehicle for getting the gravy into one's mouth. Oh my.

And finally I guilted the party who swore he was going to make Christmas cookies and kept putting it off, into making cookies late yesterday. Mmmm. Snickerdoodles.

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Jenn said...

Maybe DS isn't so abnormal after all, I remember my brother doing exactly the same thing. Was about the only time he wasn't filling his face, in fact.

And hooray for snickerdoodles! Those are my favorites.