Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nope I Haven't Fallen off the Face of the Earth

Certain things are interesting right now. Personally. Just trying to digest some info and now my brain is clogged.

On the other hand - we've had a change in plans and now I'm going to NH this weekend. It's the in-laws 50th anniversary. We'll stop and see the darling one, college girl, on the way by Worcester. Take her out for a meal. Bug her. She'll be home on the 19th.

Meanwhile, I'm suddenly in overdrive. Trying to finish shopping and wrapping so I can take presents with me, instead of paying postage to mail. Holiday cards again take a backseat. I've got a scrapbook album to do - but it's quick and painless. The wedding photo, wedding photos of the kids, a few family photos, decorate some blank pages for cards and letters. Nothing too complicated.

Meanwhile I took an awesome class at my LNS on Sunday night. It was about handpainting needlepoint canvases. Totally cool. I get the entire canvas painted and I figure out my photo posting problem, I'll post a picture.

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