Monday, February 19, 2007

boring - nothing happening

Which I suppose could be considered a good thing.

February is more than half over and I've accomplished nothing. Okay, a few little things.

I did rinse out my linen last night for the Little House coffee sampler. Which if the sunshine holds, I'll start this morning. Otherwise, I'm supposed to find someone Diddy Kong Racing for his DS and son wants to shop at Performance Bikes. He's gearing up for spring and has quite a wish list of things.

We're finally going to emergence from the deep freeze this week. Which is necessary for snow/ice removal. DH and I took a walk yesterday and were stymied by the lack of plowing in certain places. We'd start out on plowed pathway and then it wasn't. Took a much longer walk than I expected to and I was a frozen popsicle until about 8:30 last night. Took 2 cups of tea and sweater and afghan to warm me up. I'm usually the heat generator so this was painful.

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