Sunday, February 04, 2007

Floss Tossing

I've got two small pieces I want to start - the Little House Coffee piece and a kitty piece from the January issue of the Gift of Stitching. (Google it and subscribe - $12 for 12 issues of an online stitching mag - that's a buck a month. What have you got to lose?)

Decided I that the big box of fibers, containing several smaller boxes, needed to be organized because I want to use overdyeds on both projects. I had several projects worth of DMC to put back in floss away bags. Made a list of what DMC is missing or very low - only need 15 skeins. Then organized the overdyeds for the first time ever. They were all just tossed in a box. Now the GAST is alphabetized on rings. So is the Weeks. And my new favorite, for both depth of color and names, is Crescent Colours. Those are in their own bag as I don't have that many of them yet. And the few skeins of Six Stranded Sweets that I have, do not really appeal to me. (I didn't buy them. They were given to me.)

All this took me about 2 hours. Pulled fibers for both projects and picked fabric for the kitty one. But still want to visit LNS and check other fiber choices. Not looking for perfection, but for just right!

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