Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The Little House Needleworks Ye Olde Colonial Coffee House - or whatever its exact name is. A friend and I both bought these back at the end of December when we did a road trip to the Stitching Post in Baltimore. She has finished hers. I'm very proud of her!

We both chose to use overdyeds rather than the called for DMC. She went with a slightly brighter palette because of choosing the Fragrant Cloves color by Crescent Colours. I used that on my kitty sampler. But it's too orange for my intended placement of this piece and I chose overdyeds that more closely matched the original colors. I was going to use Q-snaps but don't have the correct size to hold the entire piece so I ended up starting this in hand.

Now it's off to discover how difficult or easy it is to operate my new steam cleaner. Here's hoping the instructions are decipherable.

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