Friday, February 02, 2007

No. A Shark!

I am having difficulty posting on blogger on our desktop. I keep getting kicked back to a sign in page. And then sometimes it just goes to an error page. Wah. I hate changes in routine. I usually am online in the a.m. on the desktop and really don't appreciate typing that much on the laptop.

But here I am. I've had 3 posts not get published this week. I am hoping I can find a solution.

If you've watched Wordplay, the documentary type film on crosswords puzzle enthusiasts, you might recognize the title of this post. Was tickled to see Will Shortz and Merle Regel on Oprah this week. I may have to switch my focus back to crosswords. Since I started doing Sudoku when we moved to VA summer of '05, I have rarely done the crossword. Just trying to limit the time I spend on things like this.

The stitching continues on Agnes Scott. But I think I may pick up a smaller project to work along side of her. As I get closer to working the large area of the house I may occasionally get intimidated - read: need a break.

Which leads me to wonder, is intimidate the correct word? I'm not sure. I know sometimes it seems like I need to work myself up, i.e. gird my loins, to work on certain things. I don't mean because it's something I dislike. But it's something that I need to wrap my head around before doing. Cutting threads sometimes falls into the category, but I'm no longer bothered by hemstitching. I don't really think there's anything intimidating about the house area on the Agnes Scott, it's just a large dominant area that I'll need to pay strict attention to.

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