Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Right

Yesterday LNS was of course having a Super Bowl Sunday sale. We went to the diner for breakfast as DH and DS had slept late.

I, on the other hand, had been rudely awakened at 6:37 a.m. by a 20 pound cat climbing our headboard. Where this impulse came from, I don't know. Maybe there was a spider on the wall or something. Fortunately the upholstered headboard is still intact. I'm still waiting for the cat to apologize...

Dropped by the needlework store knowing I could find what I wanted quickly, but telling them that I had no control over how many people were in there. Lots of cars in the parking lot. Uh oh.

Found 9 skeins of Crescent Colours and 3 of Weeks Dye Works. But not the one that I was supposed to have. Picked up the 15 skeins of DMC that I'm missing or am extremely low on. Got in line. Listened to people harass each other. Watched the well-meaning, but clueless person try to ring up sales. (she couldn't operate an adding machine. It was sad.) Picked up 2 more skeins of Crescent 'cause they were right there in front of me. Straightened out a calculator problem for the woman in front of me - I can add/subtract/multiply/divide in my head. Finally got out of there - took way too long.

Later in the day, while boys were browsing CompUSA and EB Games, I pulled out my projects in the car and matched up fibers and fabrics. Got everything settled to my satisfaction except for the one missing WDW that was called for in the little kitty sampler project. Came home and looked online to see what that color is - I had the number but not the name. And it wasn't on the Weeks website. Emailed the nice designer - Helga Mandl in Croatia - and had my reply this morning. Seems Weeks has discontinued that particular shade. Oh well. I'll just match things up again this morning and see what works for me. Was thrilled at the prompt reply though!

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