Thursday, February 15, 2007

OH Baby

Today my baby boy turns 18. (insert usual ranting about where did the time go - here)

No school 'cause of leftover snow/ice. I guess plowing secondary streets just does not happen here. My development got plowed late yesterday, but the road leading in to it didn't. Went to the store to buy cat food (someone didn't tell me that he was using the last of the Fancy Feast). Only other people shopping were men buying flowers, balloons, cards, and chocolates. I gave the guy with red Twizzlers extra points for going beyond the ordinary - of course he did have flowers, a balloon and a card, too.

I'm skipping morning stitch-in this week. Just doesn't seem right to leave him alone on his birthday. (LOL - that's probably just what he wants.) And I need to shop for one more gift and food. An orange cake - what will he think of next?

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