Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Someone was Sure

he was going to have a day off or at least a delayed start today.

Ha ha!

Jokes on him.

Snow is falling steadily in teeny, tiny flakes. Hasn't amounted to anything really yet. But it's all those warning about ice and sleet and freezing rain later that have everyone in a panic.

Me. I'm just glad some did not take a job in the lakes region of New York last year.

Made a wonderful risotto last night. That was the best Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese ever. Must go back to the store and buy more. And from here on, will only make risotto in the pressure cooker. It's so much easier.

Someone gave me a Peugot pepper grinder. What a magnificent piece of work. Don't know why these people got into pepper grinders, but hallelujah! Way too much money though. And have already said who gets it when I die (sorry, girlfriend, but the boy child is way more into cooking than you are.)

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